anastasia-sharova-8-minWelcome to Happily Globalized!  My name is Anastasia – I’m an entrepreneur, building business without borders, and an explorer, learning how to live in harmony with the world inside and outside us.

I live between three countries (Germany, India and Russia) and people often refer to me as a nomad, an expat, or simply an immigrant, but I call myself “happily globalized”. Throughout my life I had a chance to be exposed to different cultures, and I’m convinced that there is a lot for us to learn from each other, as if we’d never crossed the borders, we would never be where we are now.

I’m the founder of Happy Bellyfish, an online school on food, cooking and nutrition. For me, food is the best medium to learn about cultures, environment and our health, and this is why Happy Bellyfish was born. I envisioned a platform where chefs, artisan food producers and nutrition experts can share their valuable knowledge and inspire others to live a delicious, yet a healthy and balanced life!

In this blog I write about my experiences, as I live though them. Here, you will find travel stories and visual essays, cultural discoveries, notes on live of expats and international entrepreneurs, bits of my yoga journey and thoughts on personal development. Curios what it is going to be? Then leave your email below, and I’ll be happy to share with you my personal stories, first-hand:

Our world is full of inspiring people, places and initiatives, but yet we remain unaware of the majority of them. Some of them seem too far from us, some of them seem too well hidden. But if we open our eyes & ears and dare to experiment, we will see that many of them are just a step away and often simply inside us.