Welcome to Happily Globalized, a blog about being a responsible (and happy!) citizen of the world. Here you will find articles and support resources for staying healthy in your body and mind, becoming a better version of yourself and treating our planet with respect. Our articles cover such topics like yoga, personal development, sustainable lifestyle, ethical entrepreneurship, responsible and authentic travel. We also share personal experiences of real people with yoga and meditation retreats, as well as personal transformation journeys (if you want to share your experience, you can do it here).

Happily Globalized strives to support everyone, who wants to live a healthy, happy and conscious life,  and to help to choose the tools of personal transformation that are right for them.

Who is behind Happily Globalized?

My name is Anastasia – I’m an entrepreneur, a dedicated yoga practitioner, and a householder (read: mother, wife, daughter, sister). I’m the founder of Happy Bellyfish, an Online Healthy Cooking School.

I initialy started this blog to share my experience of  “living yoga” in the context of our busy,  every day lives. It explores how to live consciously, unleash your personal potential and how to stay healthy in your body and mind.

I live between three countries (Germany, India and Russia) and people often refer to me as a nomad, an expat, or simply an immigrant, but I call myself simply “happily globalized”. Throughout my life I had a chance to be exposed to different cultures, and I’m convinced that there is a lot for us to learn from each other. If we’d never crossed the borders, we would never be where we are now. For this reason, many articles on Happily Globalized share authentic cultural experiences to showcase the wealth of humanity, and why we should respect it.

On this blog you’ll find a lot of resources for yoga practitioners, or those who want to start learning yoga, including reviews of yoga teachers and retreats. A growing part of this blog is dedicated to zero waste lifestyle, zero waste travel, as well as eco-friendly products.

As becoming an entrepreneur has been one of the  most transformative experiences of my life, I also write about entrepreneurship and share helpful tools for online businesses.

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