Welcome to Happily Globalized!  My name is Anastasia – I’m an entrepreneur, a mother and a dedicated yoga practitioner.

This blog is about achieving yoga lifestyle while leading active modern life. It explores how to live consciously, unleash your personal potential and how to stay healthy in your body and mind.

I live between three countries (Germany, India and Russia) and people often refer to me as a nomad, an expat, or simply an immigrant, but I call myself “happily globalized”. Throughout my life I had a chance to be exposed to different cultures, and I’m convinced that there is a lot for us to learn from each other, as if we’d never crossed the borders, we would never be where we are now.

I’m the founder of Happy Bellyfish, an educational online hub dedicated to food, nutrition and traditional diets. Food choices affect all aspects of our life, from politics and environment to our personal health. I envisioned a platform where traditional cooks, artisan food producers and nutrition experts can share their valuable knowledge and inspire others to live a delicious, yet a healthy and balanced life.

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