Throughout the centuries meditation has transformed from a pure spiritual practice into a mindfulness technique, that is studied and promoted in every corner of our planet. In today’s world of information overdose and constant overwhelm the popularity of meditation is easy to explain. More than ever we are in search of ways to calm our mind, learn how to listen to our true selves and focus on what really matters in life.

Meditation entered my life through yoga. At the beginning it was a way to complete my asanas practice, then it started to replace asanas altogether on the days when I couldn’t do physical exercises, and with time it became the way to start my day, every single day.

( here I posted the meditation I follow in the morning, you can download it for free: )

I was lucky to be introduced to meditation by some exceptional teachers, but the real development of the practice happened only when I was one-on-one with myself. Starting meditation on a daily basis can become a challenging task, as it involves discipline, formation of new habits and understanding of some basic techniques. It became a real discovery for me how many wonderful resources are available online to learn meditation at any level.

Here, I’d like to share with you a few online meditation courses, that were taken by me or other people I know and helped to build a daily meditation practice. This list is not about short guided meditations (though they can also be very useful and there are plenty of them on YouTube), but rather about full courses that introduce students to various meditation techniques and provide guidance in the process. If you are already experienced with meditation, some of these courses can show you different approaches and take your own practice (or your students) to the next level.

Courses to build a daily practice and meditation for beginners:

1) Basics of Meditation with Deepak Chopra (an introduction to meditation for beginners)

Deepak Chopra is a known name in the body-mind medicine field, and he’s been offering online courses in mindfulness, meditation, ayurveda and well-being for years. This course consists of 35 short lectures and is the best fit for absolute beginners, that will help to understand the basics of meditation and establish a consistent practice.

2) Heartfulness meditation with Kamlesh D. Patel 

This free meditation masterclass consists of three parts and is presented in a form of a lecture and a guided meditation. The class is led by Kamlesh D. Patel (Daaji) who teaches the heartfulness tradition of meditation. 

3) Comprehensive Summary of Yoga Meditation Practices by the Abhyasa Ashram

A very comprehensive course covering traditional yoga meditation practices, presented by the Swamis of the Abhyasa Ashram (a monastery and a yoga meditation centre). It consists of 103 lectures, that make up together over  10 hours of practical guidelines and meditations. Talking about their meditation approach the course creators refer to the sages of Himalayas.

4) The Beginners Guide to Meditation by Laura Watson

A very down to earth meditation guide for beginners who want to practice in their busy every day lives, without looking very deep into spirituality and enlightenment (at least, not yet). The course is led by an experienced yoga teacher Laura Watson, whose goal is to help her students bring balance into their lives. The course consists of 38 lectures and 3,5 hours of video material.

5) Meditations on the Natural World by Molly Larkin

This course offers great short overviews of various meditation techniques, including meditation on mantra, on a rock and on American flute. It is taught by meditation teacher Molly Larkin and consists of 31 lectures and over 2 hours of videos.

6) Meditation For Beginners: For Deep Daily Practice by Turiya Moore

This is probably one of the best and detailed meditation courses for absolute beginners with over 6 hours of material and 53 lectures. It covers basic meditation techniques starting from the body positions, mindset, breath and later goes into deep meditation. The course was created by Turiya Moore, who shares yoga and teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda.

7) Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Sahaja yoga meditation focuses on chakras and spiritual energy (Kundalini). This free online meditation course consists of 10 classes and is best suitable for those who are interested to explore a deeper spiritual side of meditation.

Simple guided meditation for beginners:

Guided meditations by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar , the founder of Art of living 

To start off with guided meditations, this is one of the best resources available online. The founder of the foundation “Art of Living” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (Sri Sri) does not need an introduction in the spiritual world. Unlike in the courses, there will be no explanations of techniques and “shortcuts” (each meditation takes about 20 minutes), but it is a great way to practice with the Teacher. You can find them on his You Tube Channel or on their website.

The Kriya Yoga path meditation:

In short, the path of Kriya Yoga is a spiritual path, and it presents advanced meditation techniques with the ultimate goal of self-realization and liberation of soul. It is suitable for serious and devoted practitioners. There are two best resources online you can use, if you choose this path:

1) Guided meditations of Sadhguru, the founder of Isha Foundation

Sadhguru (Jaggi Vasudev) is one of the most known (globally) modern Indian yogis and mystics. He offers a free guided meditation online, that is very simple to follow and is suitable even for beginners.

2) Ananda Introduction to Meditation

A short introductory meditation course is based on the ideologies and teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda and taught by his disciple, Swami Kriyananda.

Introduction to Buddhist meditation tradition:

A talk on Essence of Meditation by Mingyur Rinpoche

This video is neither a course nor a guided meditation, but it gives a wonderful overview of the essence of meditation practice. It is presented in the light of the Buddhist tradition and gives a different angle comparing to other resources available online. On the You Tube channel of Mingyur Rinpoche you can also find a wonderful guided meditation.

Have you taken any online meditation courses yourself? Please, share your experience in comments!

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