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Mumuksha Centre for Transformation, led by B. Naga Kumar, is located in Mysore, India. This review is shared by Monica Cirtoli, a certified Prana Vashya yoga teacher. I met her when I was studying yoga with Vinay Kumar in Mysore in 2015 and was struck by her kind and beautiful energy. While every review is subjective, I fully trust her judgement and I’m very grateful to her for sharing her honest experience. I also personally attended free meditations by B. Naga Kumar and consider joining one of his programs when I’m in Mysore next time. 

I met B. Nagakumar a few years back during my first stay in Mysore while I was practicing with Vinay Kumar. I heard about his school (Mumuksha) and his ayurvedic massage trainingб so I decided to go and meet him, since I had some interest into the field. My first impression wasn’t that great actually! Even though he was very kind in explaining the course and he sounded very serious about it, I didn’t feel so welcome or, better, he didn’t try to sell it to me and made me feel like my decision in attending or not wouldn’t affect him (which was completely fair!).

Funny enough though, I judged his attitude as cold and arrogant at that time… only later on, my perception changed and I was able to recognize the freedom of choice he was giving me through that distance. Two years after that episode (I didn’t attend the course in the end since my schedule wouldn’t allow and I wasn’t very convinced I would get along with Kumar lol), while my partner’s mom was visiting Mysore, we both decided to see Kumar, since she wanted to do a past life regression session with him. So I tagged along and got to see him again. He hadn’t changed, but my perception did, so I was able to see him from a different perspective and felt he was someone I could trust and decided to give it a try. He was very busy, so none of us had the chance to do a session, unfortunately!

Last year, finally, I went back to him after reading his interview where he explained the therapies he works with and had a chance to do my first past life regression at Mumuksha. I didn’t know what to expect and being quite skeptical in nature I doubted he could do something with me. But his simple and straightforward, almost scientific approach in dealing with that kind of subject got me very intrigued.

The session was quite a painful process to go through, but very liberating. 

I felt supported and guided at all times, but also given the freedom to experience everything myself. This is something I really appreciate in Kumar, even after taking his Yoga Nidra course. He is very sure about his techniques and their efficacy, however, he lets you question and explore without judging you for not trusting the process, nor telling you things like “you need more practice, practice practice and all is coming…”. This is a quality that I find very rare and difficult to apply in this era of gurus in search of followers.

As explained earlier, I also took the Yoga Nidra and the Bhagavad-Gita course with him just out of curiosity, because he is quite a funny character, and his ways of reading scriptures, discussing about concepts are so real and raw, that I wanted to learn more from him/me. Yes, because the way he shares his experiences and guides you make you realize your potential… he is there as a tool for you to access yourself and beyond. He is not there to cheer you up, nor to push you down. He is just a mirror that can destroy your beliefs any time.

His courses are not for everyone I believe, only for those who are looking to see reality, no matter how much it hurts. His words can be as strong as a rock and as soft as a feather. His guidance helped me in ways I never thought possible. He takes responsibility for his work and knows that it doesn’t end once the course is over or the fee is paid. I hold him in high regard and I still write to him when I need guidance.

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Review of Mumuksha Centre for Transformation by B. Naga Kumar in Mysore
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